Complete Guide PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018


PIEAS is prime institute of pakistan in the engineering field , and is ranked No-1 . it have very high merit for the selection of candidates. the candidate with very high academic carrier and excellent thinking ability only qualify for PIEAS.

There are two programs offer by PIEAS, one is Bachelor program and the 2nd one is Master Program that is called MS fellow ship program.

For bachelor program, candidates who have done pre engineering/Fsc pre engineering with 60% can apply for written test of PIEAS.but the scenario is different, you need minimum 60% number in Fsc to give the written test.although you need at least 85% number to qualify for selection in the merit list. but our topic of discussion is not for bachelor program.

First we will discuss that how many MS program offered by PIEAS.

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Material Engineering
  4. Process Engineering
  5. Nuclear Engineering
  6. Mineral Resource Engineering
  7. Radiation Physics
  8. Physics
  9. Medical Physics
  10. Computer Sciences
  11. Nuclear Medicine
  12. Radiation and Medical Ecology


These are 12 program in which PIEAS is offering in 2018.

There are large number of candidates , so you need a large of effort to qualify for the written test of PIEAS.

The written test compromise of 3 hours . you are allowed to bring your calculator with your self.

The written test is an aptitude examination designed to test your general intelligence and basic understanding of mathematics,applied sciences, engineering , and analytical logical thinking.This written testis like GRE engineering. To help you in preparing for the written test, a brief outline of this test is presented below, Some of the question may require numerical calculations.

  • You must bring your calculator, clip board and pencil and admission letter/roll number slip.

          PIEAS Written Test (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

There are two portions of the test one is general part and the 2nd one is subject part.

General Part A Written test PIEAS Guide 2018

  1. 20% physics of 9th, 10th , 1st year and 2nd years
  2. 20% mathematics 9th, 10th,1st year and 2nd years
  3. 10% English compromises of compositions, synonyms , antonyms and punctuation question and English Grammar

In physics the numerical of 1st year and 2nd years are most important. All the important formulas from 1st year and 2nd year physics. The interesting information in the books are very also important.

20% mathematics include some major exercises of 1st year and 2nd years. but most important is 2nd years mathematics.

For 10% English , you have to do some grammar practice and some English vocabulary preparation from wren and Martin English Grammar Book.

Subject Part B Written test (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

This include the subject which is the 50% of your total paper . in both parts , you are allowed 1:30 hours , so total 3 hours are given to attempt both the portions.

This part basically compromises of your all knowledge which you read out in your bachelor program.

For subject , you need to read some important subjects of your bachelor program in detail.

Physics Subject Part preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Mechanics
  • waves
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Light and Optics
  • Modern Phyics

Chemistry Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Analytical chemistry ( classical quantitative analysis, Instrument Analysis
  • Inorganic chemistry (Basic chemistry of elements , Periodic and family trends , electronic and nuclear structure , transition Metal /Coordination chemistry)
  • Organic chemistry (conversion of functional groups , Reactive inter mediated and reaction mechanism and molecular structure).
  • Physical chemistry (general chemistry , Classical and statistical thermodynamics, quantum and structural chemistry , kinetics ).

Mechanical Engineering Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Mechanical design and analysis
  • kinematics , dynamics and vibration
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • thermodynamics and energy conversion processes
  • heat transfer , fluid mechanics and hydraulic machinery

Electrical Engineering (Electronics) Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Microprocessor,FPGA,VLSI,DLD,etc.
  • Power electronics , electronics circuits and components , instrumentation and measurements
  • control system , DSP , signals and systems, probability and random variables

Electrical Engineering (Power) Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Electrical engineering general ( circuit analysis , Basic electronics , electricity and magnetism , digital logic design , signals and systems , control system,  measurements and instrumentation).
  • Electrical power  specialization ( high voltage engineering , power system analysis , power system protection , power generation , power transmission and distribution , power electronics etc.

Chemical Engineering Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Mass energy balances and thermodynamics ( mass balances , energy balances and thermodynamics)
  • Fluid transport( mechanical energy balance , flow measurements techniques)
  • Heat transfer (Mechanics , applications )
  • Mass Transfer(phase equilibria , Mass transfer contractor (absorption , stripping , distillation , Extraction ,Miscellaneous separation process )
  • Kinetics (Reaction parameters, reaction rate , reactor design & Evaluation , Hydrogenous reaction system )
  • Process Control

    Metallurgy / Material  Engineering Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • physical metallurgy , mechanical metallurgy
  • Thermodynamics, phase transformation
  • Ferrous , Non ferrous alloys and their extraction
  • composite , polymers and ceramics
  • X-ray diffraction + optical metallogarphy + electron microscopy + Non destructive testing
  • corrosion and surface engineering
  • Material processing

Computer Science Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Programming
  • operating system
  • Data structure
  • computer architecture
  • Networking
  • others (data bases, software engineering , discrete mathematics )

Civil Engineering Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Environmental
  • Geo-technical
  • structural
  • transportation
  • Water resources

Mechatronics  Engineering Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Basic electrical engineering
  • electrical and electronics engineering
  • system design engineering
  • control engineering
  • computer engineering and sciences
  • robotics and factory automation

Geology/Geo physics  Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • plate Tectonic /earthquake
  • Physical geology
  • structural geology
  • Petrology
  • Mineralogy

Mathematics Subject Part Test preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

  • Calculus and Analytical geometry
  • Real and Complex Analysis
  • Ordinary and partial differential equation
  • Vectors , vector spaces and linear algebra
  • Number theory , group theory and ring theory
  • Mechanics
  • mathematical statistics and probability
  • numerical method

 PIEAS Interview Preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

yes this is the 2nd most part for PIEAS MS fellow ship 2018 , because you detail study to complete this one

There are 2 portions of PIEAS Interview, one is said general portion and other is subjective portion . there is panel of 5 person sitting in the interview room . when you enter the interview room , they will ask some question about your bio data , after that they will investigate about your bachelor qualification, design question and final year project.

The general portion of PIEAS Interview include some general knowledge question like country capitals , rivers, streams , mountains height , some Islamic info and your favorite personality info.

We have uploaded some interview question and discussion of qualified candidates.They will help you a lot to qualify for PIEAS interview.

               PIEAS interview of qualified Candidates 2017


 PIEAS Medical Preparation (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

The lucky candidates who will qualify for the interview merit list . you will go through medical examination , you can verify your medical check up at any DHQ hospital.

      PIEAS Final merit list (PIEAS MS Fellowship 2018)

After processing all the requirements , a final merit list will be displayed on the official website of PIEAS.

congratulation , now you will submit a security clearance form and you have to signed a bond.

please update us if you find more info about this one.

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