Bestway Cement limited Trainee Engineer Jobs Guide 2018

Bestway Cement limited Jobs Guide 2018 include the trainee engineer jobs , DAE jobs ,apprenticeship jobs.Every year, Bestway announces fresh engineers, DAE and matric pass jobs.

Thousand of engineers and DAE apply every year to qualify for this job.For engineers .

The test held every year in September to December. Bestway Cement limited Trainee Engineer jobs test is expected to be held in September 2018.The maximum age for engineers is 26 years and having a 2.75 CGPA.

Bestway Cement limited offers jobs in 4 departments .These are electronics , electrical, mechanical , chemical and mining engineering.There are four plants run under Bestway Cement limited. These are Bestway Cement Kalar Khar , Bestway Cement Chakwal , Bestway Cement Farooqia and Bestway Cement Hattar.

The test of every department held at different time and different location. The test of Electrical and Electronics is held at Farooqia plant. The Test of Mechanical, chemical and Mining is held at Hattar plant.


How to prepare test of Bestway Cement Limited

It is the important for all candidate who are appearing in bestway jobs test. Every year test pattern is changed, but some key points you should kept in your mind.

  1. 30-40% question are from your basic knowledge of engineering  subjects with numerical
  2. 20% physics of 1st and 2nd year
  3. 20% mathematics basic knowledge
  4. 5% English basics
  5. 5% intelligence question to test you Q level

we know these will help you a lot for coming test 2018.

How to prepare test of Bestway Cement Limited

After the test , Ther officials will inform you by message and call for your interview selection. almost 50 candidates of every department are called for interview.The interviews are held at different plant. the interview panel has 3 person. One is director general of Bestway Cement limited , 2nd is from human resource department and third is technical expert.The interview is only for 2-5 minutes, in which they can ask some academic questions and some questions about your internship.

          Bestway Cement Limited Final Merit List

After completing the process of interview , Bestway call their candidates who qualify both the written test and interview.The people on waiting list may be called by bestway , if they find any appropriate place for the candidate.

         Bestway Cement limited made recruiting on 100% Merit